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For most of my working life I have been a translator and editor. In addition, I have always written, and have now decided that itís time my novels saw the light of day. So please take a look at them on this page and on my Amazon page:


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An eccentric woman imposes herself on a family living in Jerusalem at a time of disturbances in the Old City. their orderly way of life is disrupted, bringing Tamar, devoted wife and mother, to the verge of a breakdown. Her husband, Reuben, does his best to keep things on an even keel but is distracted by his obsession with his young secretary. Matters come to a head when Tamarís boss absconds with her colleague and the firmís funds, and she finds Reuben in a compromising situation.



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It is 1985 and Israeli paleontologist Avi Samuels is spending a year in the sleepy university town of Seabrook, Nebraska. He encounters hostility from the head of his department as well as anti-Semitism in the local paper. His expedition to obtain rock specimens is beset by mishaps and bad weather, his wife has an affair with the art teacher at the local community college, and their children get into trouble at school. Finally, Avi reveals a plot by the neo-Nazi party to wreak havoc throughout America.



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In search of the good life, Sophie and John decide to spend their retirement in France. They eventually find the house of their dreams, but achieving their goal is impeded by a hostile neighbor and their own ignorance of the French language and culture. Various characters, both expats and locals, aid and abet them in their efforts. Julie Smithers, a young woman who has come to France to escape an unhappy romance and is trying to write a book, embarks on an affair with the handyman who comes to repair a leaking faucet in her house. The denouement comes when the hostile neighbor enters John and Sophie's house.



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Levi Koenig, A Contemporary King Lear explores the relations between three sisters, their attitude to their ailing father, and the way in which each one strives to juggle home, family, work, and love-life while tending to her fatherís needs. Their relations come under additional strain when it transpires that their father has been sending money to an unknown woman



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Inspired by family documents and correspondence brought out of Germany by the authorís father, Time Out Of Joint - The Fate Of A Family describes the events unfolding in Europe between 1924 and 1942 and their effect on the members of the van Dornbach family.





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Dorothea Shefer-Vanson's first book, The Balancing Game describes the strange and unique world occupied by a Jewish child, the daughter of refugees from Hitlerís Germany, growing up in post-war London and living in a run-down neighborhood.





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